The Project Caesar Frequently Asked Questions

What is libcaesar?
Who should use libcaesar?
What is k3b_gui?
Who wrote this stuff? (and why?)

What is libcaesar?
libcaesar is a wrapper-library written in C++ that wrapps the various tools needed to produce a video-dvd to one unified frontend.

Who should use libcaesar?
Our target audience are mainly other application developers looking for an easy way to produce video-dvds. libcaesar is a library, so there is no user-interface (besides our k3b_gui).

What is k3b_gui?
k3b_gui is some sort of sub-project we are doing. We try to look upon k3b_gui as a reference implementation to show off the features of libcaesar. Basically k3b_gui enables the end user to burn video-dvds from various input formats like divx or avi video files. There is also a nice menu and slideshow editor included. Take a look at the screenshots on our SourceForge project site.
k3b_gui will be available as a patch to the current k3b sources. We provide prepatched sources for easy compilation in our subversion repository.

Who wrote this stuff? (and why?)
The Caesar Project started as an work assignment in university early in summer 2008. We released the first working code in july and are now looking to continue the project in an open source way. So we are basically a bunch of computer science students doing this stuff in our spare time.


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